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Fortepan is an online photo archives. All of the images are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 and can be freely used. If you wish to publish any of them, please give the credit in the following format: FOTO:FORTEPAN / name of donor.

You may search the collection in several ways. Using the search fields at the top you can search by location, key word or name in case of public figures. You can also click on tags at the bottom of the page under the photos. By clicking on the donor's name you will see the collection of that family/institution. Moving the slide on the time scale you can browse the collections by year. The strip under the time scale features 15 of the current photos, clickable too.

All of the images are downloadable in high resolution format. To do so, click on DOWNLOAD and save the image. If you click on SIGN IN to register you will be able to create your own list of photos by clicking on ADD TO LIST. Having signed in, you may add new key word thereby expand the tags of a photo. If you wish to describe a photo in detail, click on FORUM.

Fortepan relies on the volunteer work of editors and helpers. It does not request nor accept public funding. If you wish to enrich the collection, write to us at our EMAIL address. If you would like to help us financially, you may DONATE.

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