Zempléni Múzeum, Szerencs - képeslapok (241768 images)

The postcard collection of the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs was founded by the donation of dr. Petrikovits László dentist and doctor.

The most valuable cards, in which the researchers are most interested, are the geographical cards. These depict landscapes, cityscapes, individual buildings of towns and citys. There are two big groups in this category: the cards published before and after 1945 are handled separately. The geographical cards are collected by continents, countries, settlements in alphabetic order. In the group of the card published before 1945, we made an individual group containing the settlements of the historical Hungary (see: treaty of Trianon).

The genre of the thematic cards was primarily at the beginning of the history of the postcard popular. The postcard hat a very important tool in the mass communication at this time, so every significant and sometimes not so significant event was depicted on the cards. Very rich thematics specify this collection, it is almost impossible to name all the events on the postcards.

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